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Background & Purpose

PA20 was born during the difficult 2020-21 period when Covid-19 resulted in us all being suddenly constrained to our homes and the crucial tourism season on Bute was heavily impacted.

We experienced a community working together to keep essential services running, the vulnerable cared for, and local businesses supported to keep them afloat. We also saw how Bute became a refuge for many, with a strong uptick in housing sales.

As locals, we witnessed folks struggling to access reliable information, people unaware of the level of support available to them, and the wealth of services and products available from island-based suppliers. Social media became increasingly fragmented into ever smaller niche groups, with repetitive questions, concerns and arguments forming. It became apparent that we were missing a single go-to place for reliable, up-to-date information for the residents and businesses of Bute.

Visitors to Bute are already well-served by a selection of commercial and non-profit websites and influencers targeting particular demographics, particularly those planning holidays on Bute. But for those trying to find an emergency plumber at 4am or a definitive list of food shops that can deliver to a self-isolating housebound person? Not so obvious...

Our aim is to bring Everything Bute into a single, easy-to-operate website that is quick, works on every device, and delivers meaningful, well-curated information quickly. Not just for Bute visitors, but for Bute residents, Bute businesses, in fact anyone with an interest in our bute-iful island paradise!

Who Can Advertise?

Any entity based on Bute can have a FREE listing on our website. Be that a business, a community or civic service, visitor attraction, self-employed tradesperson, club or association, whatever.

We'll also accept advertising from suppliers and organisations off Bute where we feel that a gap exists, or that a service would be of particular interest to locals. Examples include tradespeople providing a service that is hard to find on Bute or information about events in neighbouring areas such as Cowal.

We may have already listed your business or organisation based on information from the public domain - if so, you can claim it (subject to verification checks) and manage all aspects of the listing yourself using our intuitive Dashboard.

If we've not listed you yet, it only takes a minute to register. And if you decide that you don't want to participate that's fine - just disable the listing and poof! you're gone.

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Just Another Directory?

Yes... and No!

At its heart, PA20 is a directory website. But we want to feature EVERYTHING that is of interest to residents of Bute and visitors to our lovely island. FREE, fully detailed and functional listings available to everyone that wants one, irrespective of willingness or ability to pay. No quangos involved. No levies to pay for questionable return.

But we will ALSO be providing lots of real-time information, for example a single place where you can instantly check the status of all local ferry services, news articles, curated reviews, lists and much more. We will promote everything that is great about Bute without any of the negativity evident in other media channels and without "cherry-picking" specific target demographics. PA20 content is for ALL.

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Who's Behind PA20?

PA20 is run by Bute-based internet marketing specialist PA20 Web Solutions, with many years' experience of promoting small businesses online. We are not affiliated with any other organisation such as Bute BID / Visit Bute, Visit Scotland etc.

This is the type of thing we specialise in, and we want to give a little something back to the wonderful community here on Bute the best way we know how!

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