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Bute - A Cyclist's Paradise!

Bute is a perfect destination for cycling. Lots of quiet, well maintained roads with few significant hills (if you don't count the famous Serpentine!) and stunning scenery all the way around this beautiful and easily-accessible island.

For road bikes, there's an almost-circular route taking in most of the island's beauty spots measuring around 25 miles. For off-roaders there's the 40 mile West Island Way, much of which is bikeable. For leisure riders there's a lovely wide seaside esplanade running from Ascog to Ardbeg, around 5 miles long passing through the Island's only town of Rothesay, packed with bars, cafés and restaurants.

Unsurprisingly, the island has an active local cycling scene led by Bute Wheelers, and you can find free repair stations dotted around the place. A regular annual road race is organised, along with the Serpentine hill climb which is an extreme challenge.

It's a doddle to bring your own bike on the short ferry crossing, or you can hire one from an increasing number of suppliers in Rothesay and Port Bannatyne.