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Krav Maga Training

Moat Community Education Centre & Green Tree Cafe

Thursday 15th February 2024 at 19:00Krav Maga TrainingMoat Community Education Centre & Green Tree Cafe

Training is reality based and can be harsh, no apologies for this as results are very quick. This is NOT a sport system but has been battle tested by military, law enforcement and civilians all across the globe. We teach both the physical side - raising awareness, planning escape or utilizing whatever is to hand, ( your body will become the weapon ) as well as the mental side - stress training you not to over react through panic.. A worthy past time, an enjoyable hobby and a very interesting way to spend 90 minutes, with some of the most devastatingly effective self defence and tactics available anywhere. First class is free, all levels welcome. We do not have a "fresh meat" attitude to beginners. This club is neither ego based nor ego driven. New students will be made welcome into their new 'family'. Ages 16+.

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Event Location
Stuart Street, Rothesay PA20 0EP

Parking is on-street, but this is usually plentiful and free

Venue is within walking distance of the main bus station at Guildford Square (opposite the ferry terminal)