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Welcome to Sheep Island!

Colin and his friends love coming to Bute for day trips and holidays. They can frequently be found visiting our many visitor attractions, shops and restaurants, but especially our pubs!

We're adding new Colin experiences regularly - here's all the places he's been so far...

"Colin" Copyright

Colin is copyrighted by his owner Stephen Doak and used under licence on the PA20 website.

This means that you cannot reuse, save, modify or do anything else with these images without Stephen's permission, other than admire them in situ on our website or on Stephen's social media channels.

In addition, Stephen has granted sole reproduction rights to Picture Bute where you can buy professionally printed merchandise such as calendars, cards and books.

Thank you for your understanding.

Introducing Stephen Doak...

Stephen Doak

Stephen is predominantly a collage artist working mainly on large landscapes and portraits for sale or under commission. Collage suits Stephen's temperament - he enjoys the immediacy of the process which lets him experiment with colours and shapes as he goes along. Most of Stephen's pieces will be viewed initially from a distance, but they need to work up close as well. Larger works can take up to a month to complete!

He also paints regularly and displays at various art fairs and exhibitions throughout the year.

Colin came about on a visit to Bute whilst experimenting with digital software on a tablet computer - but he wasn't the original character! That honour falls to "The Panda" but for various reasons this didn't seem to sit right given that Bute is full of sheep...

Starting out touring Bute's visitor attractions, one day Colin made the mistake of visiting one pub - and soon all the shopkeepers, hoteliers and business owners were clamouring for him to visit their establishments too! He'll get to them all eventually!