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160 Expired Vacancies in last 12 months
Support Worker - casualSupport Worker - casualExpired: 22/09/2023Catering Assistants - seasonalCatering Assistants - seasonalExpired: 14/09/2023Bar staff - part timeBar staff - part timeExpired: 14/09/2023Assistant - part-time weekendsAssistant - part-time weekendsExpired: 14/09/2023BID Manager - part timeBID Manager - part timeExpired: 01/09/2023Freelance Event StaffFreelance Event StaffExpired: 31/08/2023Trainee Dental NurseTrainee Dental NurseExpired: 31/08/2023Front of House SupervisorFront of House SupervisorExpired: 31/08/2023Receptionist / Administrator - part timeReceptionist / Administrator - part...Expired: 31/08/2023Delivery Driver - part time, eveningsDelivery Driver - part time, evenin...Expired: 31/08/2023Business Management AssistantBusiness Management AssistantExpired: 31/08/2023Port Assistant - ColintraivePort Assistant - ColintraiveExpired: 31/08/2023Team MembersTeam MembersExpired: 31/08/2023Domestic Assistant - full timeDomestic Assistant - full timeExpired: 30/08/2023Social Media AssistantSocial Media AssistantExpired: 29/08/2023Head of Horticulture & TrainingHead of Horticulture & TrainingExpired: 28/08/2023WeaverWeaverExpired: 22/08/2023Support WorkerSupport WorkerExpired: 18/08/2023Board Member - VOLUNTARYBoard Member - VOLUNTARYExpired: 14/08/2023Laundry OperativeLaundry OperativeExpired: 14/08/2023Cleaner - part timeCleaner - part timeExpired: 14/08/2023ApprenticeApprenticeExpired: 14/08/2023Apprentice WelderApprentice WelderExpired: 31/07/2023Seasonal Housekeeping / Waiting positionsSeasonal Housekeeping / Waiting pos...Expired: 31/07/2023Retail Store Assistant - part timeRetail Store Assistant - part timeExpired: 31/07/2023General LabourersGeneral LabourersExpired: 31/07/2023Plumber / Gas EngineerPlumber / Gas EngineerExpired: 31/07/2023Delivery driver - part timeDelivery driver - part timeExpired: 31/07/2023Senior Sales Assistant (Supervisor)Senior Sales Assistant (Supervisor)Expired: 31/07/2023Social Work Team ManagerSocial Work Team ManagerExpired: 21/07/2023Staff NurseStaff NurseExpired: 17/07/2023Staff NurseStaff NurseExpired: 16/07/2023Museum CustodianMuseum CustodianExpired: 15/07/2023Housing Improvement OfficerHousing Improvement OfficerExpired: 12/07/2023ASN Assistant - part time 27.5ASN Assistant - part time 27.5Expired: 07/07/2023Social Care WorkerSocial Care WorkerExpired: 04/07/2023Hotel AssistantHotel AssistantExpired: 30/06/2023Bank Domestic StaffBank Domestic StaffExpired: 30/06/2023Relief Support PractitionersRelief Support PractitionersExpired: 30/06/2023Classroom Assistant - part time 17.5Classroom Assistant - part time 17....Expired: 30/06/2023RoadworkerRoadworkerExpired: 23/06/2023Finance OfficerFinance OfficerExpired: 23/06/2023Procurement OfficerProcurement OfficerExpired: 22/06/2023Port Assistant - seasonalPort Assistant - seasonalExpired: 22/06/2023Teacher of PhysicsTeacher of PhysicsExpired: 16/06/2023Teacher of MusicTeacher of MusicExpired: 16/06/2023HousekeepersHousekeepersExpired: 14/06/2023WelderWelderExpired: 14/06/2023Bar staff - part time seasonalBar staff - part time seasonalExpired: 14/06/2023Bar staff - mainly weekends - seasonalBar staff - mainly weekends - seaso...Expired: 14/06/2023Sales Assistant - SaturdaysSales Assistant - SaturdaysExpired: 14/06/2023Waiting Staff - SeasonalWaiting Staff - SeasonalExpired: 14/06/2023Customer Service Agent - 17.5 hoursCustomer Service Agent - 17.5 hoursExpired: 07/06/2023Head of CentreHead of CentreExpired: 02/06/2023Process OperativesProcess OperativesExpired: 31/05/2023Front of House / Bar StaffFront of House / Bar StaffExpired: 31/05/2023Saturday AssistantSaturday AssistantExpired: 31/05/2023Shop Assistant - Londis - 16hrsShop Assistant - Londis - 16hrsExpired: 31/05/2023General StaffGeneral StaffExpired: 30/05/2023Receptionist - Part TimeReceptionist - Part TimeExpired: 29/05/2023Nurture Assistant - part timeNurture Assistant - part timeExpired: 26/05/2023Refuse CollectorRefuse CollectorExpired: 24/05/2023Team Leader - Community Mental HealthTeam Leader - Community Mental Heal...Expired: 23/05/2023Teacher of PETeacher of PEExpired: 19/05/2023ChefChefExpired: 14/05/2023Shop Assistant - Part TimeShop Assistant - Part TimeExpired: 14/05/2023Cashier - Post Office - Part TimeCashier - Post Office - Part TimeExpired: 14/05/2023Horticultural TraineeHorticultural TraineeExpired: 12/05/2023Clerical Assistant - part timeClerical Assistant - part timeExpired: 12/05/2023Lead Childcare and Education WorkerLead Childcare and Education WorkerExpired: 12/05/2023DirectorDirectorExpired: 08/05/2023Community Learning Worker - 17.5 hoursCommunity Learning Worker - 17.5 ho...Expired: 05/05/2023Waiting Staff - Part Time, SeasonalWaiting Staff - Part Time, SeasonalExpired: 30/04/2023Cleaner - part-time 10 hoursCleaner - part-time 10 hoursExpired: 30/04/2023Staff - full-timeStaff - full-timeExpired: 30/04/2023Seasonal WorkersSeasonal WorkersExpired: 30/04/2023HGV Class 1 DriverHGV Class 1 DriverExpired: 21/04/2023Receptionist - part timeReceptionist - part timeExpired: 21/04/2023Team Leader - Mental HealthTeam Leader - Mental HealthExpired: 19/04/2023Receptionist - part timeReceptionist - part timeExpired: 14/04/2023FoH General Assistant - part timeFoH General Assistant - part timeExpired: 14/04/2023Childcare Practitioner - 20 hoursChildcare Practitioner - 20 hoursExpired: 14/04/2023PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapistExpired: 09/04/2023Care AssistantCare AssistantExpired: 31/03/2023Cleaners - casual / seasonalCleaners - casual / seasonalExpired: 31/03/2023Office Admin AssistantOffice Admin AssistantExpired: 31/03/2023ChefChefExpired: 31/03/2023Bar / Restaurant StaffBar / Restaurant StaffExpired: 31/03/2023Kitchen / Hatch PersonKitchen / Hatch PersonExpired: 31/03/2023General AssistantGeneral AssistantExpired: 31/03/2023Bar staff - part timeBar staff - part timeExpired: 31/03/2023Sea-Going Modern ApprenticeshipsSea-Going Modern ApprenticeshipsExpired: 31/03/2023Support Worker - 17.5 hoursSupport Worker - 17.5 hoursExpired: 31/03/2023Class Teacher - PrimaryClass Teacher - PrimaryExpired: 31/03/2023Depute Head - PrimaryDepute Head - PrimaryExpired: 31/03/2023Principal Teacher of PE & Expressive ArtsPrincipal Teacher of PE & Expressiv...Expired: 31/03/2023Principal Teacher of GuidancePrincipal Teacher of GuidanceExpired: 31/03/2023Childcare and Education Worker - PrimaryChildcare and Education Worker - Pr...Expired: 24/03/2023Domestic Assistant - 30 hoursDomestic Assistant - 30 hoursExpired: 22/03/2023Co-ordinatorCo-ordinatorExpired: 17/03/2023Customer Team Leader - 16 hoursCustomer Team Leader - 16 hoursExpired: 17/03/2023Healthcare PartnersHealthcare PartnersExpired: 14/03/2023Bar Staff - WeekendsBar Staff - WeekendsExpired: 14/03/2023Visitor Welcome AssistantsVisitor Welcome AssistantsExpired: 03/03/2023Kitchen PorterKitchen PorterExpired: 28/02/2023Front of House StaffFront of House StaffExpired: 28/02/2023Bank Workers (Female)Bank Workers (Female)Expired: 28/02/2023ChefChefExpired: 28/02/2023Slater or Slaters LabourerSlater or Slaters LabourerExpired: 28/02/2023PlumberPlumberExpired: 28/02/2023Bus Shunter / CleanerBus Shunter / CleanerExpired: 28/02/2023Shipwright / Carpenter / FibreglasserShipwright / Carpenter / Fibreglass...Expired: 28/02/2023Operations ManagerOperations ManagerExpired: 28/02/2023Seasonal Visitor Services AdvisorSeasonal Visitor Services AdvisorExpired: 28/02/2023Receptionist - part time x2Receptionist - part time x2Expired: 27/02/2023Waiting Staff and Bar StaffWaiting Staff and Bar StaffExpired: 20/02/2023Admin and Engagement Professional (Part-Time)Admin and Engagement Professional (...Expired: 20/02/2023Benefits AssessorBenefits AssessorExpired: 17/02/2023Port Assistant - permanentPort Assistant - permanentExpired: 16/02/2023Delivery driver - part timeDelivery driver - part timeExpired: 14/02/2023Kitchen assistant (eves)Kitchen assistant (eves)Expired: 14/02/2023Delivery DriverDelivery DriverExpired: 14/02/2023Leisure Assistant / Lifeguard (part-time, 2 positions)Leisure Assistant / Lifeguard (part...Expired: 14/02/2023Childcare Practitioner ApprenticeChildcare Practitioner ApprenticeExpired: 13/02/2023Port Assistant - seasonalPort Assistant - seasonalExpired: 10/02/2023Classroom AssistantClassroom AssistantExpired: 03/02/2023Painter and Decorator / ApprenticePainter and Decorator / ApprenticeExpired: 31/01/2023Post / Van WorkersPost / Van WorkersExpired: 31/01/2023Cleaner - part timeCleaner - part timeExpired: 31/01/2023Principal TeacherPrincipal TeacherExpired: 13/01/2023Sales AssistantSales AssistantExpired: 05/01/2023Support Worker - Casual - Day SupportSupport Worker - Casual - Day Suppo...Expired: 31/12/2022Day Support Workers (Casual / Relief)Day Support Workers (Casual / Relie...Expired: 31/12/2022Classroom and ASN Assistants (Supply)Classroom and ASN Assistants (Suppl...Expired: 31/12/2022Delivery Driver - part timeDelivery Driver - part timeExpired: 31/12/2022Head TeacherHead TeacherExpired: 16/12/2022Sales AdministratorSales AdministratorExpired: 15/12/2022Book Keeper / Admin ClerkBook Keeper / Admin ClerkExpired: 30/11/2022Hotel Reception / Admin AssistantHotel Reception / Admin AssistantExpired: 30/11/2022Receptionist / HCAReceptionist / HCAExpired: 25/11/2022Senior Charge NurseSenior Charge NurseExpired: 20/11/2022Teacher of Technical (Readvertised)Teacher of Technical (Readvertised)Expired: 18/11/2022Kitchen Porter - Part TimeKitchen Porter - Part TimeExpired: 14/11/2022Community Staff NurseCommunity Staff NurseExpired: 13/11/2022Occupational TherapistOccupational TherapistExpired: 13/11/2022Customer Services AssistantCustomer Services AssistantExpired: 11/11/2022Night CrewNight CrewExpired: 01/11/2022Plumber / Gas FitterPlumber / Gas FitterExpired: 31/10/2022Gas Service EngineerGas Service EngineerExpired: 14/10/2022KItchen PorterKItchen PorterExpired: 14/10/2022RoadworkerRoadworkerExpired: 14/10/2022Port Assistant - RothesayPort Assistant - RothesayExpired: 11/10/2022Customer Team MemberCustomer Team MemberExpired: 10/10/2022Dental NurseDental NurseExpired: 07/10/2022Licensing Team Leader (Regulatory Services)Licensing Team Leader (Regulatory S...Expired: 07/10/2022HGV Mechanic / ApprenticeHGV Mechanic / ApprenticeExpired: 01/10/2022ChefChefExpired: 01/10/2022Childcare and Education WorkerChildcare and Education WorkerExpired: 30/09/2022Classroom Assistant - ELCClassroom Assistant - ELCExpired: 30/09/2022Occupational TherapistOccupational TherapistExpired: 25/09/2022