Bute business or organisation? Here's 5 reasons why time spent developing your PA20 profile is better than time spent writing social media posts.

Here's 5 great reasons WHY?

1. Social Media has a limited audience

98% of internet users utilise search engines to find products and services, compared to just 45% who use social media.
Source: We are social , January 2021

So, by focusing your marketing efforts on social media you could be missing half of your potential audience...

2. Social media posts can "vanish" within minutes

Post on your own page and you're only sharing with people that follow you. Post or share onto a public group and unless you manage to spark a discussion, your carefully crafted announcement will rapidly disappear under a wave of lost cat posts, rainbow / sunset pictures or rants about dog shit / the local council / people lighting bonfires, and folks asking mundane questions such as whether the ferry is likely to be running next Thursday. Not to mention the tons of advertising added to feeds by Facebook.

Put the same effort into enhancing your PA20 profile and it stays there for good, being promoted by us continually thanks to our search engine optimisation skills. Update and change anytime.

3. Social media content does not rank as well on Google

The targeted SEO (search engine optimisation) that PA20 undertakes using the content you provide about your business or organisation will, over time, outperform any social media content for the same search terms.

Search Google for your business and your Facebook page may well appear fairly close to the top of the results, but that special offer post that you spent half an hour designing last week will most likely be nowhere. So folks searching for keywords that might have led them to your special offer won't find you unless they already know about your business and go searching by your name instead.

4. Social media companies exist to sell advertising and have no loyalty to you

Talk about your new product or service on Facebook or Instagram and your post will likely be surrounded by adverts for lots of other companies hawking similar or competing offerings. Social media companies want you to click on those ads because that's how they are funded. When a site visitor clicks a competitor's ad, the social media company gets paid and you lose a potential customer.

At PA20, we exist to serve the interests of the Bute community and whilst we might offer links to other local companies offering similar products or services to you, this is only to help Bute residents and visitors understand the range that is on offer here.

5. Social media comments can be damaging

Plenty of social media posts descend into petty bickering amongst users, and can quickly veer off course. How many times have you picked up the virtual popcorn and settled in to watch a scrap on Facebook unfold?

Don't let this happen to your business or idea. At PA20 we invite Recommendations and won't publish anything that is derogatory about Bute. If we receive a negative review we'll pass it on to you to deal with should you choose, but it won't show on the website.

In conclusion...

PA20 is a great marketing tool for Bute businesses and organisations, and it's FREE. We'll take the information you provide and use it to drive enquiries and custom to you by leveraging the power of the search engines as well as social media.

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